Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More sunshine

What can I say stalking the site for updates is not good for my health....err I mean not good for my wallet. :D I bought more Sunshine roving today - more Sangria, some Peach Blossom that I missed last time and some Color Collection which is a few diff colors. Sounds super fun! What can I say I like getting things in the mail and since I am lacking in the swap department at the moment I am using retail therapy to remedy that.

Ok back to messing around the house before I get to run out for the evening and spend 'adult time' with some of my favorite ladies at the 'Bou!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Now you have to make something from your handspun!! I am a little bummed to have to wait until May to make a hat or something out of mine if I want to enter it in the fair, but I might use my blue Scarlet Fleece one up since it's not good enough to show off. :)