Monday, March 9, 2009

Cookies and yarns!

Well Friday I drove to Lansing to deliver my family's orders of cookies. Man was it windy driving! But I also stopped at Threadbear Fiber Arts because they were having their bi-annual cleaning sale. They had some great deals (flat feet 50% off!) there and yes I bought stuff. I got some Flat Feet sock yarn, a new 1.2 oz. spindle (about 10" long), and some more roving. I love the person who dyes this roving. This is the third roving dyed by them that I have bought from Threadbear. :) I'm wondering if it's a local dyer....I should ask on Ravelry. And I did look at The Yarn Pirate's sale as well but I think I'm saving to buy some of the roving that goes online tomorrow at Sunshine Yarns. Some really pretty ones in the newsletter she went out!

newyarn 014

newyarn 011

newyarn 012

newyarn 001

Oh and today I used my 10% off coupon at The Dizzy Sheep to get some Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn. I loved the little dress pattern they show at the bottom and thought it would be super cute for my nieces! I got enough to make two dresses in the colors Jade and Sky.

Knitting news - I wound my yarn from my SP13 spoiler into balls to get the socks started. I am starting to wonder about the mohair in it and if when I two-strand knit with the two colors if that will make the socks even warmer. These might end up being my around the house socks if that is the case. We keep out heat low in the winter to cut down on the bill so I am always bundled up since I am always cold. Go figure I live in Michigan! lol I haven't cast anything on yet. I am debating starting my roving I posted the other day on my new spindle instead of knitting right now. But with my table being in the car for cookie booths I have no place to prep the roving and keep it right now. Boo. :(

Swaps - waiting on my reveal box for SP13. My pal is in the process of packing up their house to sell it - so I understand the delay. I am also in limbo on my Princess Bride swap for the Odd Ducks group on Ravelry. I just patiently check my mailbox daily in hopes that I'll have either package soon. I signed up for another Odd Ducks swap - the 80s & 90s Nickelodeon shows swap. this should be fun!

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Meg said...

Really sad that I missed knit night last week and esp that I missed your show and tell. :( Stupid basement is all I can say. But I *will* be there this week - hubby is aware that it is essential to my well-being. ;) How 'bout you?