Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunshine and Jesus Freaks

Saturday was a great day. I got my rovings from Sunshine Yarns - woot! Pictures below. :) I bought Alpine and Sangria (got the last one!) and wanted Peach Blossom, Vampire and Watercolors. They were all so pretty it was hard not to get a box of roving like someone I know. >.>

newyarn4 005

newyarn4 003

I got the mail on my way to meet the rest of the worship team for the Winter Jam concert at EMU. A few bands that played were Hawk Nelson, The Afters, Newsong, Brandon Heath, Stephanie Smith, Francesca Battistelli and of course Toby Mac (formerly of DC Talk). The seats were general admission and we had nose bleed seats at the side of the stage. But the concert rocked. Toby Mac closed it out and had everyone on their feet singing along. He even closed it out with an old DC Talk song "Jesus Freak" it was AWESOME.

Knitting front - I have finally started a new project - Purple Summer Dress. I'm making this for Keira's birthday (my niece). It's a pretty simple pattern and I'll probably make more since I bought enough yarn to make at least one more in a different color. :) This is the top of the dress so far.

newyarn4 007

I did start spinning my roving last week at knit night. I'm about half way through the roving right now and I'd say mostly at fingering to DK weight of what is spun.

newyarn3 008


Meg said...

I saw that Vampire and thought you might be a fan - very pretty. Hope you are bringing show and tell tonight...

Amy said...

It was weird being proud and ashamed at the same time that it finally took a box to ship my order. :D Yay for rovings!!!