Friday, February 27, 2009


I swear there aren't enough hours in the day for all the crap I need to get done. Today alone is enough to make me want to pull my hair or have a big dessert (or drink) waiting for me at the end of the day. Here is my schedule so far:
now to 10:30 clean off my folding table to use it tonight, find a place for all the 'things' (read crap) on the table;
10:30 get ready for work;
11:00 leave for work, remember to check mailbox at school for booth change and check for cookies;
1:30 done working head to cookie cupboard to pick-up booth order for tonight; come home and figure out how to fit long folding table, 11 cases of cookies, booth posters, 3 girls and their backpacks into my Jimmy after school today;
3:30 pick girls up slightly early from school to get to booth on-time to set up;
4-6 pm cookie booth and listen to my girls whine about how hungry they are from lack of food (like I won't pack a snack or something >.> makes note now......);
6:15 pack up and head home for oldest and youngest to get picked up and leave for the weekend;
Eat and then crash in bed.

Cookie booth time drives me crazy and this year I got the brilliant idea to pick Friday nights vs. Saturday afternoons. Something to do with a few field trips already being scheduled on the mornings available or something like that. Which means I have to RUSH from the school to the booth spot and get it all set up and hope that the girls remember. Not to mention that I will have my 3 girls at both the Friday booths and only 1 is in the troop and works the first Friday only. ARGH!

The oldest and youngest are being kidnapped by my sister-in-law for the weekend so they can be fitted for flowergirl/jr bridesmaids whatever they heck they are going to be in my sil's wedding. 2 of them are wearing flowergirl dresses and the oldest is having a bridesmaid's dress altered to fit her. I'm not paying for them and sil picked them out so I'm not complaining about it......yet. As long as it all works out I'm ok with it.

Knitting news - nada, zip, zero, zilch, nothing. I got nothing. The dish/wash cloth is sitting next to me forgotten because of all the craziness that is my week, well next few weeks. But I am finishing it as soon as the table is cleared off. That should be on the list...... And somewhere in there I wanted to actually go workout HAHAHAHAHA Yeah I don't see that happening today at all unless I go back out tonight.

Off to do my list of chores... :)

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