Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hehehe good times

So last night (well really a few hours ago now) some friends and I went out to celebrate one of their birthdays. We went to BD's Mongolian BBQ - if you have one local and haven't been go there before 4 pm (half price then) - awesome food. Mind you I don't drink much but when I do - look out. The last time we were here we had this Mango Madness drink and ordered them again. Well we were sat in HOT Joe's section. Two of us are married and the birthday girl is divorced........but we were ALL drooling over this cutie. I'll freely admit it. However I'm not the one who kept putting her foot in her mouth. :) We were his entertainment for the evening as he put it. LOL were we ever! Being that it was Tara's b-day she got a free dessert and he only brought one spoon and went in search or 2 more. Gen decided to not wait and after a few minutes took Tara's spoon when she wet it down and ate with that. She had tipped the dessert cup up to her mouth and Joe stopped by. He mentions that she is 'drinking that like a champ' and she just about spits it out. Then he says ' what am I going to do with you ladies?' At this time Tara and my drinks are gone but Gen still has some to go. She replies 'anything you want........did I just say that out loud?' We bust out laughing. Needless to say he got a good tip and when Gen payed with a credit card he asked to see ID - noted that she was from Florida and stated he would be moving there in about 6 months. As we wait for the receipt she says somthing silly about mentioning where she lives and if he is ever in the area to stop by her work (starbucks). Then she actually said it to him. We laughed harder at her.

We left and headed over to 5th Avenue in Novi. They had a live band - The Underdog. They were great I think there was only one song I didn't know the words to that they played. They even played "Video killed the Radiostar" by The Buggles - how cool is that (pretty cool I think!). But Tara only knew maybe 2 songs and kept looking at me weird for singing along to all their songs. I kept asking her how she didn't know the music because she is older than me and should have known The Buggles?!?! But we discovered a drink that really is dangerous - the Superman shot. Yummy and tastes like superman ice cream. I was DD and had fun watching them get smashed because let's face it I may be younger but I am a lightweight now. :)

Knitting news - 1 of 2 dish/wash cloths done and will have the other done tomorrow and be stopping at the post office or my local Meijer which ever is open when I venture out. Now it's bed time and strangely I am wide awake. This is not a good sign. Guess I have to go read myself to sleep now....

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