Sunday, February 1, 2009


Where the heck did January go? Here I am thinking I still have some time but nope not a single bit left. Yikes! I have 2 swap packages to go out this month - preferably in the next 10 days as they should be to their destinations BEFORE the end of the month. I also have my 10 year anniversary coming up this Thursday. GAH has it really been that long! >.< And the middle monster turns 9 this month as well. And numerous other Girl scout events between the 3 yup 3 troops that all the girls are in. It's cookie time again - did I mention I am cookie mom for the youngest daughter's troop? SUPER busy is my life right now. So yeah this blog kinda slipped but hey I did manage to get 5 posts last month! Not that that really is a lot or anything, I'm just saying.......

And I just lost my train of thought because I left to do something else away from my blogger page......RATS! oh and it's dinner time anyways :)


Amy said...

No kidding, and with only 28 days in February it's going to fly too!

You should move here, then I would help you with cookies. ;)

Rebecca said...

Way too fast! I haven't even made resolutions yet!