Sunday, February 15, 2009


Life is simply crazy right now. I haven't cast on a new project, ok wait that is a lie..... I have cast on Bella's Mittens by subliminalrabbit but I don't know how to use the magic loop method and am debating using dpns vs to circular needles to complete them. So cast on and joined but nothing else.

Kids are off on break this week and will have another break around Easter time. So yay no getting up early except to push the hubby out of bed in the morning and then turn the alarm back off!

I came home from church this morning/afternoon and was too wiped out. I basically had lunch and then crashed until about 15 minutes ago. And I still feel tired. Hope I'm not coming down with something. :(

I've been asked to contribute on a new blog: Moms Who Rock. A friend of mine started it and it will ahve stories and articales posted from other moms. So if you check it out - I know I am posting the round brush story on there and another one about shopping carts and where kids should not sit in them. But haven't posted anything yet. :)


Rebecca said...

Oh, I want to read your stories! Please mention on your blog when you post them so I remember to go and read the site!

Amy said...

The videos on are awesome, here is the page with magic loop - it is not hard but if you are more comfortable with dpns (or 2 circs) you should just use the method you are comfortable with, imo. :)