Thursday, February 19, 2009


I decided to start spinning some of my fiber that I am hoarding instead of knitting right now. This in particular is calling to me.....

tday yarn 019

I have a few projects that I want to get done for swaps but they require me to a) finish other projects to get the needles or b) buy new needles. I decided to procrastinate a little. Just a little. :) But really I plan to attack at least one of the projects later to get the needles and get that swap box out.

As requested I am letting you all know that I posted an entry on the Mom's who rock blog. I went with the classic of Becca and the shopping cart and how the Meijer floor won. Complete with pictures because I have already proven that I am a mean mom who documents everything. Well what I can remember to that is. :)

I suppose I should get some breakfast in me soon. It was an early morning with trying to convince the hubby that not all coffee tastes like "burnt plant" to use his words. He made some yesterday and used what should have been - for me at least - a 16 cup serving of grounds! So to save my coffee maker I made it this morning....well I set the timer last night to make it this morning. But I did get up and add the chocolate syrup and silk to it for him. He is at the starter level where it has to have a TON of sugar to make it good for him. I just laugh because I used to be that way before discovering the flavored coffees.

On a different note my brother called me last night to let me know my Dad is selling his house. Why? Well because he and my step-mom are getting divorced - again. They are a long story to say the least. When I was 14 my mom and dad got divorced. My dad had already been seeing my step-mom and within a month of the divorce being final he was married to my step-mom. My brother and I tried to ask him to wait a while before getting married and we were told no. So then when it came time the summer after senior year to tell them I was pregnant she was moving out and leaving my dad then. She threw a fit about me being pregnant and having just bought me new clothes because duh I was preggo and couldn't fit into my old stuff. They managed to get back together in a year and were remarried shortly after that. Evidently the fighting has gotten worse between them and she just can't live with him anymore. My dad just simply told my brother "see what I have to put up with." We of course were not shocked because we knew what an uber b**ch she is and have had her rants directed at us as well. As much as I have come to like her and get along with her now - I love my dad more and want him to be happy. Hopefuly this time they will work it out - however that ends up being I don't care. I'm worried about the girls and how they are going to take it because she has been their Grandma this whole time but is not a blood relation. I know they will miss her and want to spend time with her - but will she. Gah that is a long paragraph of venting! Ok I'm posting this now - Thanks for listening. :D


Amy said...

HMMMMMMM. I wonder why you decided to start spinning again...


Meg said...

that fiber looks yummy, like cotton candy. burnt plant huh? that is too funny. so opposite of my hubby, I have to get a cup fast when he makes coffee, before he drinks it all. :) hope all works out w your dad.