Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well crap

So this week is pretty much the week from hell. Monday we had problems with the van starting - come to find out that a fuse was blown. Tuesday - work was the pits....we broke up 2 fights in the first 20 minutes of recess and had 2 shipped teeth in the same mouth. Wednesday - we learned that I cannot have caffeine within an hour of my kids getting home from school - the drive me batsh*t with the silliest things. Thursday - the van won't start yet again and OH JOY happy 10 years to me today.....just the way I wanted to spend our anniversary - being a taxi driver! And the kids tell me they are out of cereal. How are they out of cereal already? I did by one of the 2 lb. bags and another 1 lb. bag. Well when hubby opened the 2 lb. bag it kinda exploded all over the floor - lost about 1/3 of the bag. Still should ahve had enough to get through the entire week.....well my kids spilled about 2 bowls full of cereal as well. Again still should have had enough - oh yeah the kids pour their own cereal and then DON"T eat it all and of course have had milk in it and throw it out. *SIGH*

And yes I could fix the van with the money out of my check but that is going to fix the bumper of a car that I backed into in a parking lot and made sure to do the right thing and leave a note. Got that call on Monday of this week too - again *SIGH* Well I guess I have to drive the hubby to work this morning adn them drop the kids to school and then try to figure out how I am going to have enough gasoline to get him from work this afternoon as well. This is turning out to be such a happy day!

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Meg said...

Hi, here's virtual ((hug)) for you! Sorry you are having such a rough week and hope it gets better soon! :)