Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good grief

The van thing on Thursday was all because it was too cold to start that morning. Hubby started it when he got home and it started right up. hehe So he put this fancy heater thing on it so it would start on friday.

This morning I went and worked out for the first time at Jazzercise. I chose the Lite class cuz well I suck and needed to see how much work it would be. I'm glad I went with Lite because it kicked my butt. In a good way though. :) But the instructor said it takes your body 8 weeks to get used to the adjustment when you start working out....hmmmm 2 months. Well as long as I lose I'm ok with that. :) I'm a little sore right now but it was fun.

Knitting - I am almost done with the second mitt. I have one more repeat to finish and then the end ribbing before moving on to the thumb. Then I plan to tackle the mistake I made on the first thumb. I somehow managed to drop a stitch and then when I picked it up skipped a row and need to fix it. You can't really tell but I know it 's there and if they were just for me I'd say forget it but they are a gift so it's getting fixed! And a super happy thought - our knit group is now meeting every Tuesday night! I'll have to see how that works in the budget and if the hubby will let me out once a week instead of every other! :D

Thanks for the virtual hugs and kicks in the butt - love you guys!

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Meg said...

Do you know yet if you're going to make it on Tuesday? If I do, I will be even later than usual, have to go out to dinner for a work thing first.