Sunday, August 17, 2008


I HATE cleaning....this really sucks right now. The living room is looking nice mostly because all my extra crap has not made it out of the oldest daughter' room yet. But the kids are due back either Monday or Tuesday from being away for a week and a half. Now if the younger two had their room clean I'd just let them all camp out on the floor in their room until I got everything out of her room. But they get their cleaning skills from their mom. In other words they are pack-rats just like me and procrastinate on cleaning anything and everything. I mean it only took me almost 48 hours of looking to find the title for our house. Which of course was needed to refinance our mortgage so I had to find it ASAP. Of course I found it in the last possible box it could be in. If we still had everything in the old computer room - I'd have possibly found it in half that time......probably. :) And I suppose if I filed everything like I should I might have found t faster - but where is the fun in that. So needless to say I need to empty my closet of things that I no longer need/use on a weekly basis or have never used ever. I did get rid of a bunch of things in cleaning to get to the closet. But trust me there is much more that really should go. Some has sentimental value, some none other than I thought they could be used for something at some point in time. Like those canvases I have from back when I wanted to paint and the oil paint that I am sure is gone bad by now.

So why have I waited until the last minute to clean you might be thinking (other than procrastination :) )? Because my hubby has been off this whole past week from work and wanted me to spend time with him. But after the movies the other day he has spent his time on the computer playing and I have been working on my knitting projects as much as I could get away with. I have on occasion had to play Rise of Nations with him to stop the whining. ;)

So on to knitting right?!?!? I almost have a sock done for the Ravelympics 2008. This is only one of the 3 events I entered myself into. The other projects should go fast once I get this sock done and I might even finish the other one before the Ravelympics are over. Maybe.... :D

Well I suppose I should get back to cleaning so I can clear off the kids and my beds tonight. The oldest daughter's because I need to get it done before she gets here and leave myself less hassle during the week. Mine because I want to sleep on it tonight. Which in essence really involves a lot of clothes folding and finding room for them in my dresser or on hangers. Wish me luck!

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