Saturday, August 9, 2008

Down for maintance.......

We were informed last week that our cable provider will no longer be servicing our area. Ummm ok doesn't bother me - we don't have cable/dish, etc. But AT&T is coming in to provide cable.....and cable internet. SCORE!!!! So we are switching from DSL to Cable modem as of Sunday. Yup, Sunday - go figure. But I can get rid of the land line now. The land line we only use for other kids to call parents from. The land line that we ONLY have for the DSL. however the downside is that I have to remove EVERYTHING from my little corner in the living room. Why? Well because the cables come up through the floor behind all my crap. And the installers aren't allowed to move anything so I have to. :p It's a good thing the girls are gone until the 18th (happy dance) so I can use the oldest's room as storage until the install is done.....or until I get motivated to move it all back to my corner. :)

"Hi my name is Jen. I am a pack rat and major procrastinator. I hope to someday de-clutter my life."
"Hi Jen." lol

So tomorrow I will be unable to respond to email, blog(s) & comments. Or at least until the new modem is installed. But I have my knitting to keep me occupied at least. I cast on the Jaywalker sock's last night. Frogged it this morning and started again. I now have about 1/2" of the ribbing done. I'm still getting used to the dpns but it seems to be going ok so far. I look that the other yarn I bought in case I don't have enough in the Scout's Swag for the Jaywalker's, and keep thinking it will look pretty in one of the other sock patterns I have waiting for yarn. We shall see what happens......

Back to cleaning the slave-master hubby says....... :P

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