Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knit Night

Tonight I think my subconscious was getting the best of me. I have joined Ravelympics and have two events I am entered in with 3 projects total. However one of them is crochet. I do not know how to crochet. I do however have Stitch 'N Bitch: The Happy Hooker and my Knit Night friends to help me. One of the ladies tonight picked up my pattern and started it for me. Hehehe However since I had no clue what she was doing I had to pull it out and try to figure out what my pattern was saying according to SNB:THH. I have some of it but not all of it figured out. I think that I need to practice from the book before I start to work on the pattern.

But our leader tonight was the b-day girl as well. Who as I was heading in brought in a trash bag full of wool - for whoever to take home. And D brought in her spindles because she was spinning but also to show me different ones for when I look for one. So D was showing me all kinds of tricks for spinning and then she and S both tell me to take the bag of wool home. Once I card it - using a dog brush will work according to D - then I can kool-aid dye. Can you say even more incentive to buy/make a spindle?!?!? :D So I am looking at which method will be the cheapest of the two (buy or make) and then I'll do whichever hopefully in the next few weeks. The hubby said he would even drill the dowel for me to put the hook in it. Isn't he sweet!

Well it's bedtime for me the coffee is wearing off and I am tired from not sleeping well due to a bad sunburn I got on Sunday.

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