Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have pictures....really I do but my batteries in my camera are dead right now.....I know I need to charge them but it requires being able to find the charger. But more on the sock later...... Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning - ugh. So the kids came back and brought a new bike for the youngest girl and a desk. Because one of the girls voiced that they could use it. Even after I told my mom-in-law that we'd need to rearrange before taking the desk - they brought it with the kids. Grrrr Which meant we had to rearrange the oldest girl's room to fit it in there and then try to get all her stuff back in the room. Well we got the room sorted and are now trying to get everything back in it's place. My living room pile has grown to not include just my stuff any more but some of hers too now.

I realized today that the sock wasn't working out right which meant I needed to tink it back to the last known section that was correct and then try again from there. That is what I spent all of knit night doing. But I have roughly 6 or 7 rounds left to tink and it should be ready to knit again. I thought I was to follow the heel gusset pattern for the foot. But I think I was only to follow the established pattern and then slip a stitch every other round like before but NOT k2together/ssk on the other rounds like for the heel. And somehow that will get me to 84 stitches at the toe shaping. The wording on the pattern is funny and I've looked at the toe-up version to see if I could figure it out from there - nope not much difference.

But the biggest bestest thing I hear tonight was that I should not have to clean the wool I got last knit night! YAY!!!!! S said I should be able to card right from the bag and that it would have had to have been washed when it was first cut. Otherwise it would have been smelly and growing mold by now. Next project is carding, dyeing the wool and spinning it. I think I want to dye it first and then spin it that way I can choose what order the colors can be in. But maybe it will be easier to spin then dye it. S showed me some she had spun from the Suffolk she had - sooooooo pretty! But I must finish the sock(s) first then work on the other wash clothes before moving onto spinning. :D

Well bedtime now for me. :) PS to my upline SP hope your summer is going great and all with getting ready for school to start again! I can't wait for my kids to go back.....and not just because I get to work again either. ;)

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