Friday, December 19, 2008


Secret pal I know in my email I said we never have snow days - guess I didn't jinx it because we have to day off today!

concert work yarn 069

And the snow is STILL coming down outside.......and I am miserable sick with a common cold (yay!) and not the same thing the rest of my family has had. That's not to say that I haven't been productive today. Our oldest has a birthday party to attend tonight and will be sleeping over (woot 1 less kid!) until tomorrow morning. Hubster is driving her there tonight as he took the Jimmy to work - 4wd. But I made a floating necklace and matching bracelet for her friend in her fave color - blue. The friend's not our oldests that is. :) By floating I mean I used clear nylon wire and crimp beads to make sections appear to float on the wire.

concert work yarn 072

I thought I'd share my swap from the knit group dishcloth exchange. This is what I made.

concert work yarn 064

And this is what I took home. It's a pot holder! Two garter stitch dishcloths knit in complementing colors and then crocheted together around the edges. The same color yarns used, the pattern, some candy canes and yummy Nutmeg & ginger body spray. :)

yarn 002

This is the other side of the pot holder.
yarn 005

To top off my exciting day we confirmed that the hubsters parents will indeed be taking the girls from Christmas eve until possibly the weekend of the 3rd. I love that they are retired and willing to take the girls for a week or to in order to spend time with them. Gotta dash almost time to get the oldest to her party!

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