Monday, December 8, 2008


Well I can't really say this day started out going well at all. I got up early to help out a friend who needed someone to watch her son for a 1/2 hour before the middle/high school bus arrived. She had to be to work early and the normal person to do this was having car problems. Ok no big deal he is great when his younger sister is not with him - like today. Got him to the bus stop and the bus was 10 minutes late. No problem my kids all woke up early this morning anyways. But I felt like I got no sleep last night once I got mine to the bus stop I came back with every intention of sleeping until I had to go to work. Yeah didn't happen.

Work went well up to a point. I got there late as I could not find my phone at all. But then the hostess of the cookie exchange was talking about the cookies she had sampled and said one tasted like play-dough. So we asked her which ones and she said they were egg shaped and were like red and green........sound familiar?

cookies 009

Yeah it ended up being my cookies. Let me just say the cookies are not meant to be a super sweet cookie - even with the glaze. Plus I'm not sure mine turned out quite right. But we had a blast ribbing her for the rest of work. She felt super bad about it but I'm not the type to be easily offended on something like this. But how funny is that out of the 25 dozen cookies brought she insults mine to my face the next day. This was probably my bright moment of the day. She later admitted to drinking while trying them so maybe that might have something to do with why she thought they tasted like play-dough - or so she said. :)

Then comes after school and the kid I'd watched in the morning locked himself out of the house by forgetting his key this morning. No problem he hung out until mom got home. Then my oldest was to get here and take a shower so she could go join her Junior Girl Scout troop in serving dinner at the local high school. Well when I told her to go use my blow dryer she got the BRILLIANT idea to raid mom's drawers and find my smallest round brush and try to blow dry her hair with it. Yes I am a mean mom and have pictures of this! And I reserve the right to blackmail her with them later - I have more and better than these ones.

The brush. As you can see she was crying because she got it that tight to her head and it hurt trying to get it untangled. Most of the ends you see are from where she cut the hair.

This is what happens when girls decide to try to be like mom.....

The hair pile from where she cut her hair trying to get it off the brush BEFORE calling for mom's help.


The cut after the trip to the stylist - missing the WHOLE time she was to be on the Girl Scout field trip tonight.

she asked for it to be that short - she had a small spot about that length

Will they never learn that scissors are NOT an option for hair problems UNLESS mom says so?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

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Meg said...

Oh, poor girl! The crying eyes in that first photo - how traumatic! (but I'm still laughing.)