Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 18 or My weekend and then some......

The hubster tried to be nice and call Sprint on Friday about our phones and get mine fixed for the constant shutting off it does. Well it must not have been my day because whatever they tried to have him to over the phone locked it "in progress" on an upgrade but also put it into emergency mode (no calls but to 911). It was in progress most of the night and when we called again they said go to a service center, which of course the tech rep was already gone for the night.

The next day I dropped off my phone and hung out. The rep who has fixed my phone for me before for the shutting off thing said "you should only see the 'in progress' screen after having me work on your phone". Evidently it could take up to 4 hours to get out of the update screen and to shut my phone off until 5 pm. then check it to see if the update was done. If not shut back off and try again at 7. If not then call the service center. Nope at 5 and nope at 7. Called and then took my phone in to switch out the SIM card was the next suggestion he was given.

He then ended up with my phone over night Saturday. Because if switching out the SIM card didn't work then I was getting a replacement phone - as in DIFFERENT model. Yeah the SIM switch didn't fix it either so finally on Sunday afternoon at 4 I got the call to come get my phone. I was switched to a Nextel Motorola i560. Why a Nextel? Not sure since I no longer have 2way on my plan but maybe has something to do with it being easier to switch the contacts between the Nextel to Nextel vs. Nextel to Sprint. Eventualy (3.5 months!!!!!!!) it will have to switch over to a Sprint phone.

As much as I liked the Nextel and Motorola phones since Nextel and Sprint merged I have had a ton of trouble with my phone. I don't know for sure what I will end up with next but hopefully it will be less problems. And if not thank goodness for the insurance I pay for!

Then this morning we wake up to fine out that our youngest was sick during the night and we kept her home from school. She was mostly fine up until I noticed her fever was back again and when she tried to take her second chewable pill was sick again. Poor kid. She didn't feel like eating much today either and sill me when I ran to the store this morning did I get any ginger ale for her - no but I did get some crackers! And she kept those down most of the day. So another day off school and only 3 left after that before break. >.<

Knitting front ~ I completed a dish/washcloth for a holiday exchange our knit group is doing tomorrow. Now to add some goodies to the package and it will be done. Other than that nothing else has really been worked on. I started a washcloth at the last knit night. I picked up some more cotton yarn over the weekend and some new knitting needles. Some dpns (size 7, 8" and 2, 5") and a circular needle size 4, 32".

Welp I should head to bed now since I will have to get up early to get kids on bus and try to make a store run for ginger ale and remember it this time!

ETA: This is my 100th post woot!

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Meg said...

Hope your sick kiddo is feeling better soon. Sammy wouldn't eat yesterday and the first thing she did this morning was throw up. Of course she had migrated to our bed last night and did it there, joy, joy. See you tonight!