Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 17 or what the heck is this crap?

A while back we decided to upgrade our internet connection when a representative came to our door. We could also get money back in a check AND a visa gift card from if we got tv and kept it for the required period. So we went for it. A month later I was notified that our rebate was available - but not the visa card redemption yet. Redeem the check, get the check - still no visa. Cancel the tv service and ask about it - it's put through and we wait. That was the end of October. Still no visa as the estimated ship date was 11/28 I had the hubby call today about it. Guess what - evidently we were to be mind readers on how to redeem it because we NEVER were told we had to call them or anything like that. Oh and since we no longer have the tv service we cannot get the visa card because you had to keep it for a month AFTER setting up the start process in order to get the thing. Well if we had all the details in the first place we would have gotten it back in October. UGH. I still think they should give us an account credit since proper instructions were not given on how to get the visa card. But it won't happen.

Then the hubby called Sprint about our phones. We had Nextel before the merge and they worked great. After the merge they worked ok. After we switched to the hybrids - they sucked a$$ and still do even though we no longer have the direct connect portion of the service. A while back I broke the screen on my phone and took it to the service center to have it fixed - thank god for the $5 insurance. So it was fixed and back to me within about 45 minutes. But after that it would shut off and not turn back on. Shut off after I ended a call (nope didn't hold it down that long), shut off when I hadn't touched it in a few hours. I'd go to use my phone and find it was off and I'd missed calls. Then there is the dropping calls and being in digital roaming in our house - wth? So the person he talked to was super helpful and tried to have him update my phone while he was talking to her on another line. locked up my phone and now I have to take it to the service center to get it replaced......for the 4th time now. But the bright light was she said we are due for a phone upgrade in April not June like we thought. Get it earlier adn I am happy cuz that is only 4 months away. 4 months left with this stupid phone - YAY!

Other than that I felt like crap this morning and stayed home from work. No knitting as my hands are giving me problems right now. I'd say it was from Guitar Hero III but it's my left hand that is bugging me and I haven't really played at all before it started. I'd say bowling on Saturday but that was my right hand. Sadly I need to knit as I have a washcloth to make by Tuesday for the exchange we are having....maybe if I go slow I can get it done.... We'll see I guess. I frogged my start on the Hedgerow socks and have since restarted but have not made it into the pattern as of yet.

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Claus said...

Hi Jen. Just letting you know that if you hate your phone, Palm is having a sale on their Centros for $49.99.

They also have some funny commercials on YouTube.

I hope your Friday is better than yesterday!