Saturday, January 3, 2009

I got a package!

And sorry pal for the delay in posting! Craziness is my life with the holidays and being sick - again. UGH!

About a week ago I got this awesome box in the mail from my secret pal. :)

christmas1 040

Inside was even better - even Jack decided he HAD to smell everything!

christmas1 043

So In my lovely package was the following: some colorful Catania Color yarn, a bar of goat milk soap - so pretty, some bath confetti (keeping this away from the girls!), Berkshire Mountain Blend coffee - yum can't wait to try this, an Herbal Tea sampler - the white pear was yummy!, a mug, a Christmas tree note holder and the cute dog card wishing me a brightly colored holiday!

Thanks pal!!!

Christmas was good I felt better then and I even surprised my Aunt with the Owl cloths with matching towel. But I had to borrow a needle at her house to get the button on the towel. She came over and saw the towel and said it was good work but didn't see the owl on it to know it was for her. hehe I just kinda started laughing and showed my mom who laughed with me. My aunt laughed later when she opened the gift and saw it. Then I had to print the pattern for her because she'd never seen a washcloth with a design in the middle. And I got her on ravelry too. yay!

My mom got me Fraggle Rock! Ok so she got it for both me AND my brother each. But she had gotten his first and then went out to get mine once I said I wanted it. hehe I got the better boxed set. We told Matt is was because she loved me better. :D I also got soem Nora Robert's novel's from her a shirt from her trip to Alaska AND a giftcard to Threadbear. That I had to wait a week to use since we were coming back then for more parties. I got some undyed roving and some size 2US circulars for a pattern I wanted to make. yay!

Now back to cleaning - UGH!
Secret Pal December package

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