Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Has anyone ever gotten to the point in knitting that you have so many projects you'd like to start and have yarn for but don't know which one to do next? Or have yarn but aren't sure which pattern to use it with? That would be me right now. I have one scarf on the needles right now but I'm thinking of frogging it and possibly doing a different stitch as the moss/seed stitch for the scarf is driving me batty. So much so that I really don't want to pick it back up. Sad but I need to get it done soon before it gets too cold. Plus the hubby is insisting that I start his scarf next. Because he claims he will support the knitting habit as long as he gets something out of it. The downside - he's color blind so if I say "isn't this an awesome shade of green?" He says "green I thought it was red...." etc. Very frustrating. So the kids have to oh and ah with me over colors. :D

My dilemma now - do I start his scarf, finish Lily's, or start the next pair of socks? And if so on the socks - which yarn and pattern? Choices choices!

Well it's off to the post office for me now as I need to ship out ebay sales and a little somthing for my secret pal. Hope s/he enjoys it. :)

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Kitty Kitty said...

Tough decission... but if you start his scarf it will get it off the to do list and he can not complain. :)