Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girl drama......ugh!

My oldest being the brat that she can be has taken to not listening to mom lately. They have a friend who lives right across the street. Who is the same age as my youngest but loves playing with my oldest. They like to walk to the bus with her. The mom and I have traded off mornings and I walked the past two mornings with them. So this morning I woke up and my allergies have pretty much swollen my throat shut (ouch and thank god for tea!). I'd told the girls I wasn't walking this morning. Not that I won't get them to the bus, but I'm not walking. Mind you the bus doesn't get here until 8:15 am and it takes about 5 - 8 minutes walking to get to the bus stop, 1 minute driving. So at 7:41 am my oldest goes across the street to see if their friend can walk.......without asking to leave the house. The middle monster soon follows and the youngest is left here almost in tears. They knew I was going to brush her hair (too thick for her to get all the tangles out herself), but still left her. To make matters worse when she got out there she thought she saw her sisters and the friend walk around the corner. I quick caught up with her and walked to to the corner with the plan to call them back and make them wait the 10 minutes extra that they didn't need to leave so early. They weren't around the corner. This meant they had to have gone inside the friends house. So B starts to whine because we can't find them, she's cranky and upset of course. I tell her to knock on the door and see if they are there. She makes me come up to the porch with her and then proceed to knock so lightly that not even their dog hears her. And the dog will bark as soon as she thinks someone is there. I finally tell her if she isn't going to knock loud enough for someone to hear her then she can come back home and sit on our porch until they come out. We knew they were there still because she could see her sister's backpack inside the door.

Long story short, they come out 2 minutes later and she tells them they suck (in not these exact words :) ) because they left without her and didn't ask to go across the street. The friend's mom tells her all she had to do was knock or just come right in - which of course sets B crying. She has become SUPER emotional in the past year and the littlest thing will set her off. I don't get it but I have to live with it. To make it even better the oldest has a planner that must be signed daily, so does the middle kid. Well middle kid had dad sign last night and it's in her backpack. Oldest gave it to me and it was still sitting on the table where she put it. So I signed it and called her over to get it. She was almost ungrounded too. Man it sucks to not listen to mom. :) But she is to the point that she just keeps taking off and going somewhere and not letting us know. The biggest one was riding her bike with a friend to about 5 blocks away from where we live. So she goes and does something silly like this and gets another 2 days added to her grounding. She keeps this up and she will be grounded for the whole month all because she decides to not ask a simple question. Silliness I tell you!

On the knitting front.....

Spring Forward

I started a pair of socks in the Spring Forward pattern from knitty last night at knit night. It took me most of the night to remember what the heck I was doing. Good thing I brought my books! :D I decided to use my new Tofutsie yarn - so pretty. And to appease the hubby I started his scarf when I got home. I'd have taken it with my but I was in a super rush to get out the door last night that I didn't look well enough for it. My BFF Amy sent me this shoe link yesterday after asking all super sneaky like - "have you ever tried on sketchers? i want to know what size shoe you wear >.> an 11? i know you have monster feet :D" I asked her what she was looking at before she sent the link and she said "presents for you :o". hehe! I made a mad dash to the mall once the hubby got home to try on something similar in style - with my socks to see if they would fit and they do! :D


Meg said...

oh, the drama! Why oh why is it so hard to listen to mom sometimes? I finished my socks last night after i got home and now I think I may cast on a pair of Spring Forward, too. Really like that pattern. :) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm so bad at being super sneaky. :)

Thanks for adding in all my emoticons so it sounds like I put them after everything. :p

I mean, come on! :D