Monday, August 24, 2009

We have a freeloader......

Saturday was my cousin's wedding in Lansing - we ended up missing the wedding because of well the time just got away from us. Made it to the reception - had a blast - and then dropped off the girls at my in-laws house for the week. We finally leave and get home a little after midnight to find a little white fluff ball of a dog sitting in my old computer chair that is out with the trash cans in our yard. He growled so we stayed away but left out some food and water and went to bed. Morning comes and he is on the porch but if we go outside he hides. Not growling any more though. We eat breakfast and get around to go to church and next thing we know he is at the screen door looking in at us. Ok so we needed to leave and head out. He backs away a little but stays on the porch and finally scoots close enough to sniff me and let me pet him without growling or biting. We go to church and come home to find the neighbor trying to coax him off our porch. Our neighbor loves all animals so that was no surprise that he would be over once he spotted the dog. Won't go to him but as soon as I go up the steps he is all over me to pet him. Then Hubby decides since it is raining off and on to try and get him inside. He comes in sniffs around, scares the poo outta the cat who then hides and plays with our dog.

We took him for a walk (HAHAHA) ok so he got 1 street away and sat down refusing to walk any further. We ended up putting signs at the mailboxes hoping that someone will claim him soon because he is a yipper dog. And let me tell you as much as I love my cat - he annoys me at night when he needs to 'explore' my side of the bed or sleep on me when I need to get up and go to the bathroom. I like the dog but I'll be glad when he goes to his owner - hopefully soon!

Knitting - Amy's socks are done, her surprise gifties are done - box WILL go out into the mail today I promise!!! Started my Hermione hat yesterday and frogged it today. Need to learn to not cast on in a new form while watching a movie instead of paying attention. >.<

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Poor little lost dog hope the owners come soon:)Hugs Darcy