Saturday, August 15, 2009

Knit knit and knit some more!

Next project became Amy's b-day Monkey socks. the Sunshine Yarn used is remaining unnamed until Amy gets the socks to involve a hint of surprise in her gift. :) Next up will be my Son of DRT washcloth depending on when it is sent out and the race officially starts!

Life in general right now is hectic to say the least. The girls are constantly going places and doing things and playdates everywhere! We went to the lake in a local State park the other day with friends. My back is SO burned right now. UGH! made it really hard to sleep last night since I normally sleep on my back. Not to mention the tag on my top was killing me. Thank god for tagless clothing!

I got my super awesome Princess Bride swap package from my Odd Ducks swap group. Grace/Nerdy on Ravelry was kind enough to step in as my angel for the swap and sent along some very lovely goodies. I got a beautiful knit hat (must find out the pattern!), some peanut butter cups from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, some hot cocoa mix from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, beautiful roving in Sunflower Farm (my fave flower!), and the package smelled so darn good from the enclosed tea - mint green tea and dreamland herbal tea. She also enclosed a little goody for each of the girls - their envelopes had a chocolate bar and a bookmark in them. Which of course are already gone and in use. :)

Princess Bride swap

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