Saturday, August 1, 2009


On Ravelry I am part of the Odd Ducks group and have been moding for the Addams Family swap. This has come to a close and we are just waiting for all packages to be mailed and to see what kinds of goodies everyone came up with to send. The next OD swap I am moding is Jim Henson/Muppets swap. Signups are still open until midnight EST on Ravelry Odd Ducks group if interested. :) I'm hoping to hold out on this swap and then join the Buffy swap in this group when it opens for signups - trying to stretch the monies coming in until school starts again and I am back to work.

And today kicked off the start of signups for Son of Dish Rag Tag. Yes, I have already signed up and paid to be in it this year. It was just a blast last year - and I absolutely LOVE the scrubbin' bubble that I got from the person who sent me the package. Can't wait to see the pattern that we get this year. And it's not too late to sign up if you are interested. Cost only $1 to cover the initial sending of the packages with patterns in them. Link to the left will take you to the signup page.

Knitting - finishing up my Drops of Twilight (Ravelry Link) in Twilight Sky - Sunshine Yarns for the sunhine september KAL. Yes we know it's not september yet but that is when the KAL finishes so the name works. ;) Then to figure out what to knit next - so many favorites to little time! Think I might do Dragon Breath socks (Ravelry Link) in my Dobby yarn (Ravelry Link) - Sunshine Yarns. Need a change of pace from scarves after this one. Not that is it really a hard pattern but I need something quick and relatively sinple to work on next.

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