Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yarns! VERRRY picture heavy sry.......

I had to look at my blog to see what had indeed been posted already. All my new rovings were posted so now it's all just the new yarns from Sunshine Yarns and a few others as well. I bought a crap ton of cotton yarn from Meijer a while back. What it was on sale and I do have a plan for it. The women's fall retreat with my home church I am doing a workshop and teaching knitting dishcloths. All the completed dishclothes go to be sold at the Great Lakes Christian Home.

I bought some Cotton Fleece on ravelry. In Cavern and Charcoal.

yarn2 001

yarn2 006

Now the Sunshine goodies! I bought the following:
Night walk
newyarn 012

newyarn 011

Variegated Mini Skeins
newyarn 016

Twilight yarns - Forks
random 247

random 249

Midnight Sun
random 251

Esme Island
random 255

And I have started knitting Butterbeer from Sunshine into the Spring Forward socks. Aren't they pretty?
springsocks 002

now I am off to my aunt's for Easter. Hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great spring break if not already done!

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Meg said...

What are your plans for the cotton fleece?