Thursday, June 11, 2009


Has been crazy enough that I pretty much forgot I even had a blog. Not quite sure how that was possible but I just haven't blogged in months it feels like.

Life in general - school is out the kids are home and I am once again crazy. However I can send hem to play and sit and knit because with the exception of 2 days a week - I have no where to be. Went to Mackinac Island with Julia a week ago - had a blast and I loved being almost in the UP. Made me contemplate going further up north and I just might have if I was driving......Hubby would have killed me though. Maybe next year with or without him I want to go up there.

Yarns - Yes I have bought more. No I am not posting them least not right now. I'll do a separate (picture heavy) post with them in it and possibly the completed knitted items.

Knitting - 2 pairs of snowflake socks, some porphyria mitts in my Buffy colorway, a pretty scarf, and I am almost done with Lily's scarf (finally!). It has become my mindless tv knitting.

Spinning - I finished spinning half the roving I started forever ago at knit night on my newest spindle. Now to get it off there in hopes of plying it with the other half once it is spun as well. And yes there are some more rovings that will be posted in the new yarns post as well. My bins are overflowing - but I'm not buying any bigger ones just knitting with the stuff I have to make room for more. It's getting some Christmas presents out of the way early this way. :)

Back to cleaning now seeing as I was roped into having a playdate at my house when the house is a mess. Darn kids!

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