Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I suck......

at this it would seem lately. I dunno what my time is spent on *coughknittingcough* that there isn't a spare moment to actually blog. So as promised this post is somewhat picture heavy - I decided to do mosaic's of what I have bought/compleated/been gifted vs. individual picture posts.

This is all the Sunshine Yarn that has been bought in the last 2 months as well as the 1 skein that I won in the May KAL in the Sunshine Yarnies group. :)

SY Yarns

(Top Row: Glideroy Lockheart, Phoenix, Jasper & Emmett. Middle Row: Twilight Sky, Alice's Porsche, Starry Night & Wisteria. Bottom Row: Snape, Dept. Of Mysteries, Dumbledore, Phoenix rovings.)

This set is of my completed knits so far this year.

2009 Knits

(Top Row: Snowflake socks in Night Walk, Snowflake Socks in Cabernet & Leisel in Jasper. Bottom Row: River Rapids Socks in Cornish Pixies, Porphyria Mitts in Buffy & Lily's scarf.)

This set is of things that have been gifted to me and other yarns bought.

Other yarns

(Top Row: Mission Falls 1824 cotton in Aubergine, Merino Yarn [Odd Duck Swap] & Sisu [Odd Duck Swap. Bottom Row: Merino Roving [Odd Duck Swap], Araucunia Ulmo Multy & Greenfield Village Yarn)

And now I gotta dash to make it to the clubhouse on time and then on to knit night! :)

Current knitting project - My mom's Christmas present so no sneak peeks!


Amy said...

I know what it i-is... I know what it i-is. :D

But I would never tell... because Jenni would find a way to steal all my Sunshines! O.O


Meg said...

So much beautiful knitting and yarn! Love that Alice's Porsche. Is that a new one, don't remember seeing it.

Darcy's Knotty Knitter said...

I just knit a wee sock from sunshine yarns sunsilk in colorway champage it is soft and yummy:)Hugs Darcy